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At Tralon Homes we strive to have Available Homes ready for Move-in at all times in every community we build in. With any Home Builder Colorado Springs has a need for inventory that is ready to occupy at a moment’s notice. With so many military families there is a great need for versatility in floor plan layout and styles of homes as well as finishes that spread across the spectrum of the market. Today’s consumer is looking for homes that they can move into with a moments notice and they still want quality and character that makes the finishes in the home feel like what they are looking for to meet their families desires.

Most home builder Colorado Springs cannot afford to build homes that are ready for move in because of the financial risk of holding inventory. At Tralon Homes which is a veteran owned company, we know the importance of keeping an inventory for the American veteran home buyer. That’s why we have made a commitment to the American dream as well as the American Veteran’s dream of home ownership as they move from city to city over their military career.

We have move in ready homes that range in size from 1300 square feet up to 3600 square feet in one story and two story homes. Some with basements and some without basements. Some with finished basements and some with unfinished basement. We offer three bedroom, four bedroom and five bedroom plans. We offer two car and three car garage options. Some of the homes are on a slab and some of the homes are on a walkout basement or a daylight basement. we offer homes that vary in architectural style from ranchers to two-story plans with modern elevations to classic elevations and everything in between.

Regardless of the season of the year or what month it is, we are constantly building more homes that are ready for move-in. There is not a month during the year when we are not building, move-in, ready homes to offer to our clients that move here from across the country and across the world. That way, we always have homes coming to completion during the time of year that you are in need.

We currently have move-in ready homes in Colorado Springs and Peyton, Colorado and Loveland, Colorado and Pueblo Colorado. Many of the communities that we build them in our master planned communities with walking trails and biking trails, community parks, and open spaces, community gathering, areas and many other amenities to be enjoyed inside of the community. Also, many of our communities are located near other city amenities. For instance, our Larson Ranch location is located close to amenities such as Bluestem prairie open space, stingray, park, silver, spruce golf course, Skyview, sports complex, and Widefield community park.

Our Meridian ranch community is located close to antler Creek golf course in Woodman Hills recreation center. It is also close to restaurants and shopping such as the Walmart supercenter, Safeway, Walgreens, culvers, and the Guadalajara family, Mexican restaurant.

The move-in ready homes in our Windemere community are close to the city amenities of Palmer Park, Cheyenne, Mountain zoo, Colorado Springs, Pioneer museum, Cherokee Ridge, golf course, and East Ridge dog park to name just a few. If you are looking for great amenities nearby your community and nearby, the move-in ready homes that we build in the Colorado Springs area then you have come to the best home builder Colorado Springs has to offer at Tralon Homes.

You might wonder why we build so many move-in ready homes. The reason we here at Tralon Homes build so many move-in ready homes is because we understand the life of the American veteran and we understand the life of the American service member. We know that you have a lifestyle where you are moving from city to city throughout your military career and he will have need for a home that is ready for move-in. There are some that are Home builder Colorado Springs that do not pay attention to this kind of lifestyle and this kind of fire, and therefore they do not build Move-in ready homes that can be purchased at a moments notice. But with a veteran owned company and someone who owns our company who has moved many different places during their long career, they understand that you might have a need for a move-in ready home. And with the incredible special offers and incentives that we offer at Tralon Homes, we know that getting you into the home with minimal cost out-of-pocket and getting you into the home in a timely manner. Will be very worthwhile to earn your business for your next home in the newest city, which is the great area of Colorado Springs.

When we go through the process of picking out our floorplans and our elevations and our finishes for our move-in, ready homes, we are paying close attention to the most modern trends and styles that the American homebuyer is looking for. We know that there are always new styles in the market and always new materials to choose from such as innovative, flooring, and cabinets and countertops and paint colors And tiles and faucets and plumbing fixtures as well as appliances and trim styles. Our expert level designers are constantly going to the big markets and looking at what the most fashionable new trends are and new styles are to make sure that our homes compete in the Colorado Springs market. As a Home builder Colorado Springs, we know that the most, innovative, designs and selections are going to make our move-in ready homes as popular as they can possibly be. That way when you go to resell your home in a few years, you have trends and styles in your home that are still popular enough to make it desirable on the resale market. Many of the Home builder Colorado Springs do not pay, is close of attention to the trends of the times, and are still using outdated materials in selections without an eye for the future, like Tralon Homes does.

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