Building Your Home With Resale In Mind

Not many of us think of our home resale value when we are beginning the process of home building. More likely, you are surely envisioning all the personalized touches you want in your home. However, while your future house may indeed be your dream home – what if it’s not yours forever home?

A quality home builder can help steer you from passing trends that will hurt your future resale value while still creating a beautiful, customized home with as many of your wishes as possible. Leaving room for future unknowns and planning for possible resale can only help you and your family in the long run.

Items to Consider for Future Resale Value:

Location will always be first and foremost. That is why our neighborhoods, whether in Northern Colorado or Colorado Springs, are selected with ideal proximity to major cities, highways, shopping, recreation, and nature trails.

Floor Plans – Generally speaking your resale value improves when you add more bedrooms and bathrooms to your home. We offer a variety of options to meet the needs of every family.

Energy Efficiency – As awareness and concern for the environment continue to grow, more home buyers are educating themselves on energy efficiency. Look for a home builder who uses energy-efficient materials that will continue to appeal to future buyers as well as save you money on utilities now.

Home Features That Keep Resale Value High:

Windows – The light and views in your home can radically change the feel of your space. Your windows should be energy efficient and can be expensive to change later if done incorrectly. A good home builder can help you place windows for ideal views and lighting.

Consider French Terrace Doors – A good home builder can help you choose timeless additions that add value to your home more than say, a home theatre. You may want to make different choices once you know your options and invest a little more now to have a home that keeps a higher value later.

Kitchen Upgrades – The kitchen is the heart of the home and any upgrades you make to your cabinets, backsplashes, and a design that is both beautiful and functional will keep your home value higher in the long run
Flooring – Your floors will take the most wear and tear. Your builder will be familiar with what materials last the longest depending on your particular family especially if you have kids or pets.

These are just a few of the things a quality home builder can help you to consider when designing your home. Contact us for more information on creating your Colorado dream home. Don’t have the time to wait and build a house from the ground up? That’s why we offer a wide selection of new Tralon Homes available now (or very soon) in each of our communities.

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