New Colorado Home Interior Design Trends of 2021

Staying home in 2020 brought us an opportunity to reflect on what really matters, both personally and environmentally. There was an enormous shift in how we view and experience our Colorado homes after this past year of being in them more than we ever imagined.

The home of before, often uninhabited from 8 am to 6 pm, has become a place to dine, play, teach, work, exercise, and importantly, find enjoyment. 

As we move forward with this evolution, it’s important to reflect on what we want to keep in our living spaces and what we want to change. The design trends of 2021 echo our collective need for warmth, color, and functionality. Yes, we love Colorado outdoors, however, we will always come home to our unique living spaces and designs.

Whether updating our new Colorado home or purchasing a new one, embracing the current trends helps us create a space that captivates and comforts us no matter how many hours we’ll be in it.

Comfort & Nostalgia in Colorado Springs and Northern Colorado

We want to feel warmth and joy when we’re in our new Colorado home, and in 2021 the trend encourages us to embrace nostalgia and find authenticity.

Ask yourself what you really love to live with and open yourself up to amending your space with heirloom items and pieces that perhaps you’ve never thought were on-trend enough to include in your interiors.

Tip: It might be time to pass on the mid-century modern pieces in favor of plush, sink-right-in, gather-around furniture. The traditional-leaning decor is back in style. Mix the old with the new.

Natural Materials & Sustainability

The beauty of the Rocky Mountains is tremendous! Try bringing your outdoor Colorado experiences into your home by incorporating natural materials. Consider furniture made of wood, marble, bamboo, wicker, and rattan. Not only do these materials bring nature into our spaces, but they also create a sense of calm. Importantly, consumers are seeking to purchase more sustainable and handmade products to support makers and the environment.

Tip: Look to antique markets and vintage resellers to purchase timeless pieces that are environmentally friendly and add warmth to your home. Darker woods, out of fashion for years, are now back in the cue. Snatch them up as they speak to you and take the time to build up a collection of unique pieces.

Functionality and Wellness

More than ever we understand the need for our spaces to be dynamic. While spending time in your new Colorado home, you’ll want a place that supports your well-being. As we look for solutions to keep everyone happy and productive at home, look for multipurpose and perhaps even collapsible furniture. Consider the multitude of ways that you can organize your space to support your requirements for peace, professionalism and play.

Tip: 2021 brings a greater awareness of lighting and the importance of creating soft light for well-being and brighter light for work. Seek standing and task lamps with dimmer switches as opposed to relying on built-in overhead lighting.

Vibrant Color and Playfulness

The days of all-white interiors and grey kitchens are waning. Coinciding with our need for a comfortable furniture is our desire to have our spaces reflect our personal story and requirements for warmth. Neutral shades are here to stay as they support our call for calm. Yet, there is an invitation in 2021 to showcase aspects of our bold and eclectic natures with pops of color.

Expect to see splashes of vibrant color and an embrace of the pattern. Wallpaper is back and the choices these days are staggering whether you’re seeking shiny gold, traditional florals, modern abstraction, or cottage paisleys. It’s all game. What story do you want to tell? Feel confident in layering your home with color and pattern.

Tip: Calming neutrals and combining grey and yellow are the colors for 2021. What a perfect palette to reflect the aspen groves of Colorado in the autumn!


Whether living in Colorado Springs or Northern Colorado, all of us now have a shared experience, and we recognize the importance of our Colorado homes and the need for them to be comfortable, meaningful, and enjoyable spaces. Embrace your authentic style and create your joy through these refreshingly inclusive design trends.

The team at Tralon Homes is ready to help you select the home interior designs of your dreams – a design you will love for years to come as you settle into your new Colorado home. We’ll help you enjoy your new Colorado home on the inside, as much as you enjoy Colorado on the outside.

Contact us to learn more and to visit a model home.

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