Stay Green Even In The Winter – Sustainable Home Building

Temperatures are dropping and we just saw our first snow of the year in Colorado! For homeowners, this means winterizing their homes or seeing an increase in their utilities as the heat comes on and the cool winter winds blow through. This can be a time-consuming and expensive time of year as you add insulation to your windows and doors and see your bills rise. One of the benefits of purchasing or building a new home with Tralon is you can stay green even in the winter. Sustainable home building can lower your utilities, reduce your maintenance costs, and raise your home’s overall value over time.

We know how important green energy and sustainability are to homebuyers. Recently the NAHB found that “80% of home buyers of all ages, from millennials to seniors, are positively influenced by energy-efficient strategies when deciding which property to buy. The most important factors mentioned are above-code insulation, and ENERGY STAR windows and appliances; but there are, of course, many other elements.”

So what does energy-efficient or sustainable home building really mean?

This can be everything from the reduced impact on the environment during lot preparation and development, use of energy-efficient appliances and systems for heating and cooling, improving insulation to lower utility costs over time, maximizing natural light in the home design, all the way down to the choice of lightbulbs used in the home. Utilizing energy-efficient systems and appliances when you design your home can save you time and energy on your dishes or laundry, reduce your utility costs, boost your home’s value and provide a positive impact on your carbon footprint. It’s a win, wins, wins!

Focusing on streamlined construction, Tralon Homes crafts attractive, high-quality, and energy-efficient homes. As one of Colorado’s premier home builders, we specialize in creating dream homes in both Colorado Springs and Northern Colorado communities. To begin the process of designing or buying your home, or if you have questions about our building process, contact our team today!


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