Things to Expect when Moving to Colorado

Thinking of moving to Colorado? You’re not alone. Many new residents have flocked to the state over the past several years, for a variety of reasons. If you’re thinking of moving to Colorado too, here are things to expect.

Plenty of Sunshine & Beautiful Views

As the saying goes, Colorado gets at least 300 days of sunshine every year. This grants more days to get out and enjoy the plethora of outdoor activities that are available.

Colorado is full of natural wonders. Whether you see the majestic Rocky Mountains from a hiking trail, or as part of a one-of-a-kind experience up at Red Rocks Amphitheater, the view certainly doesn’t get old. Get ready to fill your smartphone with photos!

Lots of Outdoor Fun

The dominant culture in Colorado is active and given the plentitude of sunshine, outdoor activities are a go-to: from hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, and more.

Outdoor fun continues into the wintertime, and if you love to ski, Colorado is the place to be. There are 28 ski resorts in Colorado offering incredible amounts of fresh powder and breathtaking views.

Thinner & Drier Air

Denver, Colorado’s capital, is known as “The Mile High City” since it sits a mile above sea level. This higher altitude means there’s less oxygen in the air.

If you’re not used to breathing in higher altitudes, moving to Colorado may be a bit of a struggle at first. You may experience headaches, dizziness, nose bleeds, or shortness of breath. This is accentuated as you go to even higher elevations in the mountains.

Take it easy at first and make sure to drink plenty of water! This helps with altitude sickness and also helps hydrates your body in Colorado’s drier climate.

The downside to all the days of sunshine and the higher altitude is the higher risk of sunburns, so make sure to cover up! The dry Colorado climate also makes wildfires a possibility every summer.

A Culture of Wellness

Colorado is consistently known for being one of the healthiest states in the nation. This is not a huge surprise given the outdoor activities available. Additionally, you’ll have easy access to healthy, organic, and locally grown foods.

Higher Paying Job & Business Opportunities

Colorado boasts a low unemployment rate and higher-than-average pay rates. The median household income is about 13% above the national average.

Colorado is the place to be for those in science, technology, and engineering as the state has the highest average salary for people working in these fields.

Colorado also ranks high among the best states for business in a wide range of surveys including Forbes.

Lower Energy Costs

According to WalletHub, Colorado’s average monthly energy costs are some of the lowest in the country.

Thanks to state legislation, renewable energy is required by the primary energy players, and thanks to the 300 days of sunshine each year, solar energy is on the rise.

Traffic Slow Downs

Unfortunately with the growth in Colorado’s population, traffic congestion has become a problem. Denver ranked as the 19th city in the country most impacted by traffic congestion. Drivers in the city lose up to 83 hours per year in traffic.

Craft Beer is Everywhere

If you love craft beer you’ll feel right at home in Colorado. The state houses over 10% of the nation’s craft breweries with 235 choices. Remember to take it slow with the craft beer, however, given the higher altitudes you don’t need as much as you would in other states!

You can tour the local breweries or take part in one of the many popular beer festivals throughout the state. There is also an abundance of college brewery courses available if you want to learn how to brew some yourself.

Want to make Colorado home? Find your perfect home in Colorado Springs HERE or in Northern Colorado HERE.

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