At Tralon Homes, we love to provide a wonderful gallery of photos and videos and virtual tours for our clients to enjoy. Many times when someone comes to the gallery page they are looking for the inspiration and ideas to help propel them towards the home of their dreams. As a Home builder Colorado Springs, we are always striving to do the best, interior design and exterior design work possible to provide beautiful photos and videos of our homes that have enduring value intrinsically, as well as functionally. Whether you are looking to enjoy our photos from a mobile phone or an iPad or other tablet, or whether you are enjoying it from a laptop or desktop computer there are many different ways that you can experience the gallery, photos and videos and virtual tours here on our website. There are always going to be photos of many different types on this page.

We typically like to show photos of all of the different exterior features, whether it is a gable roof or a ridge type roof that displays all the different types of materials that we might use on the exterior of our home from the look of a cedar shake to siding or stone on the exterior. We typically try to show all the different types of natural features in stone that you might find around the state of Colorado, which is obviously known for colored stones. We don’t always use real stone, but often will use a faux stone in order to help control pricing but the Home Builder Colorado Springs photos look like real stone.

Many of the photos that we show of the interiors of our homes or display the wide-open, layout and floorplan styles that you might experience in our vaulted entryways and our expensive great rooms in kitchens and living areas. We try to take many different types of photos, ranging from close-up shots of some of the specific finishes on the interior like a kitchen faucet or a kitchen stove or a burner on a cooktop to the hood range above the cooktop or just the one even some of the great finishes in our master bath. Many of the photos in our master baths will display the creative designs and layouts of our master suite, which we have crafted through great architectural details, showing coffered ceilings, and Trey ceilings, or sometimes flat ceilings, and then a nice walk-through from the master bedroom into the master bathroom and closet. Many of the photos that we display will show, our master bath vanities with double sinks, and sometimes single sinks, but will help you to get a feel for the openness of the concept of our master bathroom and how it might function for your family

Some of the videos that you will see in our website our videos of the different floorplans that we offer in all of our communities whether it be the 2500 series or the 3500 series or the 5500 series there are many different photos of many different floorplans that we build in all of the communities that we offer as a Home builder Colorado Springs.

We also have photos of the Home Builder Colorado Springs in Peyton, Colorado and the homes we build in Loveland, Colorado and falcon Colorado and Pueblo, Colorado. The videos that we show our of many of our floor plan so that you can understand the functionality behind the design of our plans. Often times a home that is maybe not the largest square footage can feel much bigger because of the way that the design is laid out and when you watch a video of a walk-through of that home, you get a much better feel for the way that the spaces laid out and how you and your family might live in that brand new home for many years to come. Often times people say that the video killed the photo in this world because a picture might be worth 1000 words but a video might be worth 1 million words because you can really get a feel for what the space looks like and feels like from so many different angles then you can from just photos alone.

If you have never experienced our gallery of virtual tours, then I think you will really like how the virtual tours work on our website. As a Home builder Colorado Springs, we like to give the advantage to our customers of being able to virtually walk through one of our homes, without physically being able to come and see it. We have many different buyers who come to us from out of state and are looking for a place that fits all of their families needs and wants and desires for the lifestyle that they live. It is very hard to fill out that space from photos or videos, alone and often times people want to be able to experience the space through a virtual tour for this reason. When you are using a virtual tour, it allows you to experience the first floor of the home separately from the second floor of the home. You can click on the buttons and walk around inside of the plan. You can turn in spin the floorplan in whatever direction you would like to look. This allows you to slow down the process of seeing the space and fill out the individual areas that are most important to you and your family as you look for your new home. As a Home builder Colorado Springs, we feel it’s very important for you to be able to experience the space through a virtual avenue like the virtual tour. That is why we have provided this here on our website for you to be able to see an experience for yourself and share with those who are involved in your purchasing decisions. At Tralon Homes we believe that this is very important to your home shopping experience. If you have found going through our gallery to be helpful to you, please feel free to share this gallery page with any of your friends or family or coworkers, who are excited about your journey to find your new home this year and would like to see some of the examples of homes that you were thinking about building. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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