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Call at Tralon Homes we strive to offer the best possible opportunities for a individual or a family to get a home at the most affordable price possible with the highest quality building, materials and craftsmanship. We are always working with our subcontractors, our trades our suppliers, and our financing professionals to come up with, the most efficient uses of space and materials and building technologies to help keep your price as low as possible for the highest quality product we can possibly build. There are many ways that our size of our company helps to create efficiencies that we pass along to you as the buyer. We can buy materials at a better cost. We can buy labor at a better cost and our financing and lending Purchased at a better cost than an individual would ever be able to get on their home. When we make special offers to customers, whether it be for Tralon Homes to pay closing costs for a customer or to give them free upgrades in the home or to offer special interest rates Those incentives and special offers come through all of these deficiencies in economies of scale that come through the size of our company in the way that we build.

As a veteran owned homebuilder Colorado Springs, we are always striving to make great offers to anyone who is doing a VA loan because we know the challenges that come with being a veteran. We honor our veterans and appreciate their service to our country and so you will often see the best offers going to our veterans. if you are looking to save money on out-of-pocket expenses as you come to closing on a home or if you are looking for the lowest down payment on a home, or if you are trying to find the lowest interest rate on a home, you will typically find those for our veterans here at Tralon Homes as they build homes with us and by our move-in ready homes. As a homebuilder Colorado Springs, we also offer great opportunities for FHA buyers and conventional loan buyers in Colorado Springs. we offer many different communities around the Colorado Springs area that offer the closest possible access to all of the different military installations and bases, as well as all of the primary work centers in the Colorado Springs area that someone may need to commute to so our savings on our special offers goes beyond just offering low interest rates or closing costs or free upgrades on homes. It extends beyond that into saving money by having locations that are easy to get to in a short commute saving on gas and wear and tear on your vehicles as well.

Depending on the community that you are looking for and interested in as a homebuilder Colorado Springs, we offer many different types of incentives throughout the year. At times when interest rates have been high, we have offered special rate by Downs to get as low as we possibly can for the Tralon Homes buyer. We are typically the lowest interest rates in the state of Colorado with our incentives. at other times when cost of products might get high we have offered in the past special incentives where you might get some of the nicer luxury features and upgrades in our design studio at a better discount than normal, and sometimes even as free upgrades in the home. We also have some customers who need help with their down payment funds or need help with their cash to close on the home and as a homebuilder Colorado Springs, we have offered some great programs to make the consumers cash out of pocket to go close on a home as low as possible. If you are in a situation where you need that kind of help and we are not currently offering that program, we would ask you to please let us know, and sometimes we can still accommodate your situation, depending on the specifics of your financial wherewithal is to get to closing. We don’t ever want somebody who would like to move into a home to be unable to because we were not able to work with them on a different down payment structure, or on helping them with closing costs in someway, shape or form.

Sometimes customers come to us on our move-in, ready homes and ask us as a homebuilder Colorado Springs if we would be welding to help them with some of the items that could potentially be an out-of-pocket cost as they go to move in the home. Often times after someone moves into a home they want to put up a fence on the property or they want to add the air conditioning unit to the home, or maybe finish the basement on the home if it is unfinished. As a homebuilder Colorado Springs, we can sometimes make special offers to our clients to roll a the end of the mortgage cost or to give special incentives on some homes to help them with those costs. We may not always be able to accommodate every request because some requests are more expensive than others, and some homes are in areas where we don’t have the ability to be able to do some of those features, but it is always good to check on that if you are in need of some of those options. Of course, with all of these special offers, there are sometimes extenuating circumstances with regards to comparable homes in the neighborhood, and how it might affect the appraisals in the neighborhood that may limit us from being able to offer some of these special offers. As a homebuilder Colorado Springs, we are always desiring to help our customers, but sometimes market conditions may keep us from being able to add in some of the things that a customer might want because it takes the home outside of the appraisal value of that home for that neighborhood.

As a homebuilder Colorado Springs, we also want to be able to offer the best special offers of any builder in the Colorado Springs market so if you ever see an incentive or a special offer, or a discount that another builder is offering that you think is better than our offer we would ask you to inquire with us if we will match that offer. We do not want to be out performed by any other homebuilder in the market, and if we can get access to specific written information about incentives or special offers that another Homebuilder Colorado Springs is offering then we will be glad to consider matching or breeding that offer. We would just ask that you bring a written representation with the company logo to us and be able to show us on their website where that offer has been extended to the consumer. With that information we will be glad to go to our leader ship team, and see if we can match or beat the offer that you have seen on someone else’s website. That is the promise that we give to you is that we will always strive to do that for you, although there may be a rare occasion when we cannot match or beat that offer.

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