At Tralon Homes, we have always pride ourselves in providing affordable housing for people in the Colorado Springs area, whether it be someone who is recently moved here to be a part of one of the many military facilities across the metro area, or whether it’s someone who was born and raised in the area. We have always tried to provide homes that are affordable solutions for people who are looking for a three bedroom, four bedroom or five bedroom home that they can rent at an affordable price. If you are looking for a home builder Colorado Springs, that offers, beautiful quality homes at an affordable rental price. Then you can look no further. Please reach out to our experienced team to inquire about what might be available for move-in within your timeframe.

We offer rental homes in the Colorado Springs area and in the Loveland Colorado area and in the Peyton Colorado area and in the Pueblo Colorado area as well. If you are looking for a one story rancher home or a two-story style home, whether it be with a basement or without a basement we may have just the perfect home for you. Our Home builder Colorado Springs homes feature both two car garage and three car garages. We also have homes that range from a three bedroom two bath to a three bedroom three bath home or also four bedroom, two bathroom homes and four bedroom three bathroom homes. We occasionally even have a five bedroom home for rent.

We try to always have a few homes ready for move-in at any given season during the year. We know that with a vast amount of military and veterans in the area that there is a great need for available housing in short order. We try to always make our rental homes in areas that are close to the best schools in the Colorado Springs area and in the Peyton Colorado area and in the Loveland Colorado area and then the Pueblo Colorado area. We know that school systems are very important to not only the local Colorado Springs families, but also our military veterans as well. if you also want to be close to the best shopping and restaurants and theaters in the Colorado Springs area, then Traylon Homes is the builder for you to find a great rental home at. As far as Home builder Colorado Springs goes, we are always looking to make great homes, affordable and available for rental in the area.

Many of the communities that we have offer open space parks, and also playgrounds in our communities, as well as walking trails and hiking trails to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle in any one of our many Trailane homes communities. When a home builder Colorado Springs builds rental homes, they typically don’t pay that close of attention to what options customers might like to have in a rental home community area. At Traylon Homes we try to pay close attention to, making sure that there are good amenities nearby for our customers to be able to enjoy as they live there whether it be in the short term or for a long-term lease that might last anywhere between one year and 20 years.

Our brand new homes that we build for rental feature a lot of the best options on the inside as well. When we build a home for rental, we pay close attention to all the latest trends and styles as far as architectural details and interior design and decor ideas. We pay close attention to the trends that are popular in the interior design markets, as well as the home building supply companies inventory. We have looked at many different types of cabinets and countertops, as well as sinks, and Plumbing fixtures, both in the kitchen and in the master bathroom and in the secondary bathrooms. We also have looked very extensively into all the different types of flooring that are available to put in the entryway of a home, and throughout the entire living area and common areas in the home as we know that it’s important to have great durability of flooring materials, as well as an eye for design and decor. As a Home builder Colorado Springs, we tried to also pay attention to the latest and greatest of paint colors that go along with what’s popular in the market. There are many different styles that come and go over the years, but typically our clients who are looking for a rental home, are looking for something neutral in their color palette so that they can put in their decorations and finishing touches and still have all of their furniture and rugs, and Decor in the home look good without clashing with the paint color. There are many different colors of taupes and grays and off-white colors that are popular right now, and we have tried to incorporate the top popularity paint colors in our homes for our rentals.

There are many different times of year when people are looking for a rental home to move into. Whether it be in the spring summer, winter or fall, we have homes ready for all. We are always in the process of building a home that will be available for rental for the families near Colorado Springs because as far as a Home builder Colorado Springs, we are always looking out for the people who need an affordable solution to housing. That doesn’t have the ability to be able to buy a home, but instead would rather be renting a beautiful new home During the season of life that they are in. Do not hesitate to give us a call and go through our application process to find out what rentals we have available for you. That might be a great fit for your families needs. We make the leasing process, simple, and easy so that anyone can go through the process. we love helping people find the right home for the right monthly budget that makes life peaceful and easy for living in your brand new Tralon home.

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